Advanced Technology

We are committed to using the latest technologies because we believe in providing the best possible dental care to our patients. With your comfort in mind, we’ve carefully selected the equipment we use to treat you. The technology that we use is advanced and greatly reduces the time it takes to treat you, drastically reducing the discomfort of a typical dental visit and deeply improving comfort.


The dental operating microscope is an essential part of the modern endodontic practice. It aids the doctor by visualizing tiny details within the tooth that, if missed, could negatively impact the outcome of your treatment. We perform all endodontic procedures using this valuable tool. Due to the improved illumination and magnification, the dental operating microscope enables us to provide you with the highest quality of care.

Digital X-Ray

When we treat you, we don’t just treat your teeth—we treat your entire body. We believe in treating our patients with the safest and most advanced technology that’s available. That’s why we use digital X-rays. With digital X-ray technology, we’re able to greatly limit the amount of radiation that you’re exposed to when compared to traditional X-ray imaging. Digital X-ray technology can reduce the amount of radiation by as much as 80–90%. It’s completely safe, and our technicians are experienced in providing care in a gentle and relaxing way. Once the technicians take the X-ray image, the doctor will decide on a plan of action. In certain cases where the digital x-ray is not sufficient, we will recommend a more advanced technology—Cone Beam 3D imaging.


Fortunately, recent technological breakthroughs have allowed us to make major advances in our ability to achieve that goal. Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) (“dental cone beam” or “cone beam”) is a new technology similar to CAT scans in that it will give us a 360 degree three-dimensional view of the area we are examining. Previously, we were limited by dental X-rays, even digital dental X-rays, to create a two-dimensional picture of a three-dimensional problem.

There were many things we couldn’t see because X-rays didn’t have the resolution to show them. Despite our best efforts, we were forced to infer, project, surmise, calculate, and interpret. Often, we could only give our best educated guess based on what we could see on the X-ray. Additionally, X-rays were usually not sensitive enough to show very small or detect the early onset of problems.

That has all changed significantly with the advent of the dental cone beam technology. With its extremely high resolution and exceptionally low radiation, it has literally changed our world with respect to what we can now see.

Cone Beam 3D imaging offers a large volume of information and subtle details that simply cannot be obtained by any two dimensional X-ray, whether intraoral or panoramic. One 3D scan will allow us to examine the region of interest at a high resolution from many different perspectives. Clinical studies support this technology’s improved diagnostic capabilities. We are very proud of cone beam 3D and feel strongly that this state-of-the-art technology will allow us to provide our patients with the very highest level of care possible today.

Paperless Charting

To create a seamless experience for our patients, we use paperless charting. Instead of using paper, we use a secure online system that’s not only more eco-friendly, but also far more convenient. You enjoy the convenience of being able to modify your information online, and a paperless charting system supports our staff in their commitment to providing you with smooth, efficient, and fast service.

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